How do you find out what life in a medical specialty is like?

Where do you go to learn what the textbooks don’t teach you?

This podcast: How To Win Friends & Influenza.


Episode list

Podcast 001: Immunology With Dr Sean Riminton

Podcast 002: Study Tips With Steve Waring

Podcast 003: Infectious Diseases & Microbiology With Dr Elaine Cheong

Podcast 004: General Surgery With Dr Corinna Chiong

Podcast 005: Palliative Care With Dr Katherine Allsopp

Podcast 006: Surgical Oncology With Dr Julie Howle

Podcast 007: Ophthalmology With Dr Neil Rowe

Podcast 008: Trauma Surgery With Dr Jeremy Hsu

Podcast 009: Skin Cancer General Practice With Dr Philip Smith

Podcast 010: Psychiatry With Dr Philip Boyce

Podcast 011: Clinical Psychology With Juliette Drobny

Podcast 012: Manufacturing Pharmacy With Allan Fong

Podcast 013: Careers Outside Medicine With Dr Renee Lim

Podcast 014: Junior Doctor With Dr James Ooi

Podcast 015: Cardiology With Dr Chris Semsarian

Podcast 016: Sports Medicine With Dr Bob Sallis

Podcast 017: Medical Research With Julia Chapman

Podcast 018: Respiratory Medicine With Dr Lucy Morgan

Podcast 019: Intensive Care Medicine With Dr Stuart Lane

Podcast 020: Medical Oncology With Dr Fran Boyle

Podcast 021: Paediatrics With Dr Louisa Adams

Podcast 022: Renal Medicine With Dr Lucy Wynter

Podcast 023: Pathology With Dr Nicky Graf

Podcast 024: Orthopaedic Surgery With Dr Saqib Noor

Podcast 025: Anaesthetics Nursing With Pete Kelly

Podcast 026: Dermatology With Dr Pablo Fernández-Peñas

Podcast 027: Otolaryngology With Dr Faruque Riffat

Podcast 028: Adolescent Medicine With Dr Linette Gomes

Podcast 029: Geriatrics With Dr Chris Middlemiss

Podcast 030: Anaesthetics With Dr Marie Dreux

Podcast 031: Vascular Surgery With Dr Gabrielle McMullin

Podcast 032: Rheumatology With Dr Allan Sturgess

Podcast 033: General Meowdicine With Dr Cat


Frequently asked questions

What’s this podcast about?

How To Win Friends & Influenza features interviews with distinguished doctors across a range of specialties. It’s designed for junior doctors and medical students who are curious about different specialties. You know, the real life side of medicine, not just the pathophysiology of it.

Choosing a specialty sure is tough, but it can be made easier through the wisdom of others. Hear these guests’ stories and learn from their advice, whether it’s immunology, surgery, gastroenterology or something else you’re interested in.

How do I access the full podcast?

Stream on SoundCloud or listen through iTunes.

Can I contribute to your opening and closing themes?

Absolutely. Make some sweet, sweet contact if you would like your music featured.