Cullen Versus Grey Turner

Cullen Sign

  • Umbilical bruising
  • Memory aid: Cullenbilical

Grey Turner Sign

  • Flank bruising
  • Memory aid: the one that is not Cullenbilical


  • Both are indicative of abdominal wall haemorrhage, acute pancreatitis


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Pancreatic Enzyme Tests


Lipase is more specific for pancreatic disorders than amylase.

Memory Aid

Lipase has a p in it. So does pancreas.

Amylase has nothing.

It’s magic!


  1. Healthline. (2018). Amylase and Lipase Tests: Preparation, Procedure, and Results. [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Jul. 2018].

Plaster Makes Warmth

After you apply some wrapping around wet plaster, you might notice that the patient’s limb feels warm.

Is this simply a product of insulation?

No, it’s not just this reason.

It’s primarily because plaster and water form an exothermic reaction, so heat is released.

People can be burned by this!


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