How To Win Friends & Influenza is a two-part attack on society.

The podcast is all about life in medicine, harnessing the wisdom of senior doctors and passing it on to listeners through candid interviews. If you’re interested in a specialty but don’t know what it involves, this is the place to find out.

The blog is all about the expression of medicine through far too many references to The Simpsons. If you dislike studying but want to feel like you’re doing something productive, this is the place to hide.

Welcome to How To Win Friends & Influenza!

Podcast acknowledgements

Dr Sean Riminton: for endless support in establishing the series and generally being awesome.

Professor Phil Poronnik: for amazing music that forms the opening and closing themes of various episodes.

Balsamiq: an awesome wireframing program whose complimentary support and brilliant software are both much appreciated.

SoundCloud: an excellent hosting platform whose generous negotiation, in recognition of How To Win Friends & Influenza‘s vision, allows this podcast to be run sustainably.

The guests: for their time and wisdom, all of which are fuelled on goodwill and a desire to help others learn.

And you, the listeners: for your reception, because you are the reason this podcast exists.