Podcast 025: Anaesthetics Nursing With Pete Kelly

Nursing and doctoring are hearty friends who hold hands while prancing off into the sunset. Together, their teamwork is something that can make health care great. Long live patient welfare!

In this episode, Pete talks about what nursing involves, different types of nursing and how nurses and doctors can work together to make a better patient experience.


About the guest speaker

Pete Kelly has been nursing for 17 years – with 16 of those in anaesthetic nursing. His passion for patient care in the perianaesthetic field is backed up by his involvement in research and education, specifically pertaining to difficult airway management and trauma anaesthesia.

Pete is keen to see the field of anaesthetic nursing grow with the addition of skills and responsibilities.

Additional credits

Maniacal laughter by Justin “Purple J” Lambert, Stan “Disapproving Head Shake” Domeshok, German “German Dave” Dave and Anushka “Gate Opener” Wikramanayake.

Fan feedback by Justin “Purple J” Lambert, Stan “Disapproving Head Shake” Domeshok, German “German Dave” Dave, Anushka “Gate Opener” Wikramanayake, Katie “Spanish Influenza” Honan and Sal “Moral Support” Yeung.

Music credits

Opening and closing jingles by Katie “Spanish Influenza” Honan.

Backing music by Lily Chen.


Milky Anaesthetic

Propofol is used in inducing general anaesthesia for surgery. It looks like a syringe full of milky liquid that probably isn’t milk because milk isn’t commonly injected into people’s veins.

Propofol has this unusual appearance because it includes components of egg.


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