Podcast 029: Geriatrics With Dr Chris Middlemiss

Do you like cakes and constructing intricate delicacies in the comfort of your kitchen? No? Well, that’s too bad!

The recipe for geriatrics is diverse and beautiful. It’s 5 parts general medicine, 2 parts falls investigations, 1 part deathly despair, 3 parts woolly sweaters and 5 parts super cool.

In this episode, Dr Chris talks about the many reasons a senior citizen presents to hospital, the balanced geriatrician lifestyle and how to find your ultimate calling.


About the guest speaker

Dr Chris Middlemiss is a geriatrician and “nan whisperer”, who took his time working out what he wanted to do. He works at Sutherland Hospital, and also at the Garrawarra Centre, an aged care facility specialising in the care of behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia.

Chris is married with two kids, and plays soccer adequately when he is wearing his contacts.

Music credits

Opening and closing themes by Professor Phil Poronnik.