Podcast 009: Skin Cancer General Practice With Dr Philip Smith

Skin is important! How else do you discriminate between all of the delicious fruit and vegetables in the supermarket?

When it comes to people, the pathologies can be a little more worrying. In Australia, skin cancer is a real concern. Dermatological conditions can be confusing enough that dermatology is a specialty on its own, yet the topic forms a large part of general practice. It’s possible to study a subspecialty in general practice that allows you to focus on a particular area without going through a different college of medical accreditation.

As a non-science graduate of a city medical program, Dr Philip talks about his deviation from surgery, his subsequent background as a rural general practitioner and his current range of medical duties.


About the guest speaker

Dr Philip Smith is a general practitioner who focuses on work as a skin cancer clinician. When he’s not identifying people’s worrying skin lesions with a dermatoscope, he’s assisting with hospital surgeries and spending time with his family.

Music credits

Opening and closing themes by Phil Poronnik.


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