Podcast 004: General Surgery With Dr Corinna Chiong

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Are you always the person who cuts birthday cakes?

Do you enjoy variety?

Are your hands steady?

Is your anatomy knowledge quite good?

Perhaps surgery is for you.

From a first-hand perspective, Dr Corinna gives an overview of the general surgery training and lifestyle. She gives excellent information. She dispels myths. She offers useful advice for medical students and junior doctors who are considering this career path.

Do you want to know things you can start doing now to set yourself apart?


Yes, you do.

So turn your speakers up to 11* and listen to this podcast!

*Not to be taken as valid medical advice, even if your speakers do go up to 11.


About the guest speaker

Dr Corinna Chiong is a Senior Resident Medical Officer on the path to general surgery. In her spare time, she’s an avid fan of Dragon Ball Z, a maker of delicious pies and a convincing proponent of microwaving vegetables to save time.

Music credits

Opening and closing themes by Phil Poronnik.


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