Podcast 021: Paediatrics With Dr Louisa Adams

You were once a child, before you became an esteemed listener of fancy podcasts such as this! Kids are important and really kind of cute. Maybe even very cute. That’s why we have paediatrics!

In this episode, Dr Louisa talks about paediatrics, how it differs from adult medicine and what the training pathway involves.


About the guest speaker

Dr Louisa Adams is a recently fellowed general paediatrician, working in genetic metabolic disorders at Children’s Hospital Westmead. She has a strong interest in medical education, training and JMO advocacy. Previous positions include conjoint associate lecturer at UNSW and Senior deputy Chief RMO at Sydney Children’s Hospital.

In her spare time, Dr Louisa enjoys travelling, learning Japanese and watching her husband’s band!

Music credits

Opening and closing themes by Lily Chen.


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