Podcast 013: Careers Outside Medicine With Dr Renee Lim

Life is full of infinite possibilities! If you have a medical degree, your future is not confined to the hospital wards.

How can you choose between all the things you want to achieve while you’re alive? Is it possible to manage your time so you can be both a doctor and a professional abalone diver?

Yes! In fact, you can take an exciting proportion of your career outside the realm of health care.

In this episode, Dr Renee Lim talks about balancing doctor duties with life outside medicine. She talks about her diverse foray into acting and education—and yes, she has been on television!


About the guest speaker

Dr Renee Lim is a performer, educator and medical doctor. In addition to her appearances on Australian television shows such as Pulse, Ask The Doctors, East West 101 and Please Like Me, she has participated in theatre works including His Mothers Voice and Coup De’Tat.

Dr Renee works as the Director of Program Development at the Pam McLean Centre, a centre designed to improve communication in the medical sector, as well as the University of Sydney and UNSW.

Dr Renee is a locum doctor in Emergency and Geriatrics Departments across NSW. She also works in educational technology and research.

Music credits

Opening and closing themes by Lily Chen.


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