Podcast 012: Manufacturing Pharmacy With Allan Fong

Your greatest nightmare is here, except this time you’re wearing pants!

You’re a doctor whose patient has a rare case of Aafkhajsdklashkjdasodhsouheihterl Fever. Conventional medicines aren’t effective in treating it, so you’ll need something more powerful. Something not in commercial existence.

Who could possibly help you? A pharmacist!

That’s where hospital pharmacy comes in. It’s a safe haven that doctors and other health professionals can consult for advice on medications. Manufacturing pharmacy is a subspecialty of hospital pharmacy that deals with individualised medications for patients. That could be just the cure for Aafkhajsdklashkjdasodhsouheihterl Fever!

In this episode, Allan talks about hospital pharmacy, how he helps doctors by mixing up customised medications for sick patients and common mistakes doctors make in prescribing.


About the guest speaker

Allan Fong is currently employed at Westmead Hospital as the Manufacturing Pharmacist. He graduated from The University of Sydney in pharmacy in 1986 and has since had 20 years’ experience working in various community pharmacies and 10 years’ experience working in hospital pharmacy.

Outside health care, Allan is an amateur musician, currently playing flute and tuba in two community concert bands. But wait, there’s more! He also plays piccolo, bass clarinet, oboe, euphonium and saxophone.

Allan loves gardening and owns two cats: Ava and Mia.

Music credits

Opening and closing themes by Lily Chen.


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