Podcast 010: Psychiatry With Dr Philip Boyce

Minds are important things. You need them for study, constructing evil plots, working out how much change you’re supposed to receive at the supermarket and organising social gatherings with your friends.

Just like hearts, souls and a working Internet connection, minds are vital in our modern world. Psychiatry is a discipline of medicine that deals with mental illness and its effects on patients.

In this episode, Professor Philip talks about the interesting topics that psychiatry encompasses, the lifestyle of the work and invaluable wisdom from his years of expertise in the field.


About the guest speaker

Dr Philip Boyce is a Professor in Psychiatry with a whole bunch of outstanding achievements. He’s the Head of the Discipline of Psychiatry at the University of Sydney and Head of the Perinatal Psychiatry Clinical Research Unit at Westmead Hospital. His clinical focus is the impact of psychotic disorders on women over the perinatal period and predictors of bipolar relapse following childbirth.

Professor Philip was a member of the working group that developed the RANZCP’s Mood Disorders Clinical Practice Guideline and the Clinical Practice Guideline for treatment of the anxiety disorders.

But there’s more! Professor Philip co-authored the 4th edition of Fast Facts: depression published in 2017 and was awarded the RANZCP’s medal of honour in 2016. He is an associate editor of the ANZJP and enjoys playing golf.

Music credits

Opening and closing themes by Phil Poronnik.


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