Podcast 001: Immunology With Dr Sean Riminton

About the episode

Have you ever wondered what immunology is like? No?

Well, this is awkward.

Assuming you said yes to the above, this episode is for you.

As you go through your medical studies and even hospital training, you sure learn a lot of exciting facts. But who teaches you about real life? Where do you go if you want to learn what it’s like to be an immunologist? Or a gastroenterologist? Or an infectious diseases physician? Or if you want to find out about the hours and challenges and good and bad parts of a specialty?

While the textbooks don’t teach you what life in a specialty is really like, our superb speaker Dr Sean just might.

If you’re a junior doctor looking for a specialty to love or a medical student wanting to know more about your possible future, this is for you.


About the guest speaker

Dr Sean Riminton is an immunologist and immunopathologist at Concord Hospital and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. As well as his specialist clinical work, Dr Sean is an Associate Professor with The University Of Sydney.

Although Dr Sean is much too nice to do any boasting himself, he does boast a range of impressive achievements:

  • Fellow of the National Blood Authority of Australia
  • Advisor to the Plasma Fractionation Review and IVIg Criteria for Use Committee
  • Founding Chair of the Immune Deficiency Foundation of Australia
  • Designed and implemented the web-based ASCIA Register of Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases for Australia and New Zealand
  • Founding investigator on the Australia and New Zealand Antibody Deficiency Allele Study

Music credits

Opening and closing themes by Lily Chen.

About the podcast

How To Win Friends & Influenza features interviews with distinguished doctors across a range of specialties.

It’s designed for junior doctors and medical students who are curious about different specialties and the real life side of medicine, not just the pathophysiology of it.

Hear these guests’ stories and learn from their advice, whether it’s immunology, surgery, gastroenterology or something else you’re interested in.


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