Love Is Like A Heart Attack

Relationships are like atherosclerosis. Both will kill you slowly, from the inside, in ways you could never imagine.

Even if you’re not in a relationship, dating is like atherosclerosis too.

Before any open declaration of love is made, people often wonder if their affections are in fact being returned by the said object(s) of their affection. But that’s irrelevant.

It’s simply not the question you should be asking. Realise he/she/it probably does like you and just isn’t showing it. In which case, unless you’re willing to be the one to initiate things, thinking about it is futile.

So quit worrying. What matters is whether he/she/it likes you enough to act on it.

It’s an awful lot like atherosclerosis, which is inevitable, ongoing and present in all of us. But it’s hidden by default and doesn’t cause distress on a daily basis. What matters is whether you have physical signs of the disease.

Comfortingly for who those seek action, limiting your trans fat consumption and undertaking regular exercise may help with both dating and atherosclerosis.

Great advice? Yeah, you’re welcome.

Love doctor, out.


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