You Can’t Lose Fat In A Specific Place If You’re Fat All Over

Scientific research doesn’t support the idea of losing fat from a particular place. This is also known as spot reduction. It is a lie.

Working out a particular muscle area doesn’t dissolve the fat from that region by priority. Rather, a person’s distribution of fat is determined by the mysterious workings of their body. To reduce fat in a specific spot, overall fat has to be reduced.

This doesn’t render targeted exercises useless; what you can do is build and tone a particular muscle group. It means the muscle grows in that place but the fat doesn’t necessarily disappear from it.


Muscle is an obedient dog. Muscles respond to directed exercise; bulk and tone happen in the places where you exert yourself.

Fat is a lawless cowboy. It cannot be tamed. In contrast to muscle, fat is wild and runs free; it has a secret agenda and reduces according to an overall body distribution plan.


Your problem then becomes that of losing fat overall.

The solution? It’s the usual: diet and exercise.

Eat less. Use portion control. Be less of a hog. Consume protein, fat and carbohydrates in a healthy ratio. Protein:fat:carbohydrates at 20:20:60 is a simple, approximate guide.

Exercise more. Make sweat. Jump around. Burn energy. Go to a gym.


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