The Microbiological Dangers Of Food

Learning Points

  1. Expired food can smell normal.
  2. Bacteria can immediately infect food that has been dropped on the floor. The risk is higher in wet, squishy things compared to dry substances. It increases with time spent on the ground.
  3. With meat that is considered safe to have rare on the inside, the principle is that cooking the outside sufficiently kills bacteria on the surface.


  1. Moir, C. (2018). Food safety: are the sniff test, the five-second rule and rare burgers safe?. [online] CSIROscope. Available at: [Accessed 13 Jun. 2018].

Podcast 021: Paediatrics With Dr Louisa Adams

You were once a child, before you became an esteemed listener of fancy podcasts such as this! Kids are important and really kind of cute. Maybe even very cute. That’s why we have paediatrics!

In this episode, Dr Louisa talks about paediatrics, how it differs from adult medicine and what the training pathway involves.


About the guest speaker

Dr Louisa Adams is a recently fellowed general paediatrician, working in genetic metabolic disorders at Children’s Hospital Westmead. She has a strong interest in medical education, training and JMO advocacy. Previous positions include conjoint associate lecturer at UNSW and Senior deputy Chief RMO at Sydney Children’s Hospital.

In her spare time, Dr Louisa enjoys travelling, learning Japanese and watching her husband’s band!

Music credits

Opening and closing themes by Lily Chen.

How To Know If You Are Pregnant

You means a patient, unless you are the patient, which would be a bit awkward. It sure was a catchy title, though.

If urine isn’t available, blood can be used on a point-of-care pregnancy testing device.



  1. Lin, M. (2018). Trick of the Trade: Urine pregnancy test without urine. [online] ALiEM. Available at: [Accessed 19 May 2018].

Salter-Harris Injuries

Salter-Harris is a classification of fractures involving the growth plate. The relevant mnemonic is SALTR.

  1. Solo: only through the growth plate
  2. Above: through the growth plate and above it into the metaphysis, which is the bit of bone towards the shaft of the bone
  3. Lower: through the growth plate and below it, more towards the extreme end of the bone
  4. Through: through the growth plate, as well as above and below it
  5. Rammed: a crush injury that squishes the growth plate

Here is some sage advice.

If you ever have trouble memorising acronyms, there is a simple fix. And that is the power of group study sessions.

Podcast 020: Medical Oncology With Dr Fran Boyle

Malignancy is the enemy, ironically composed of cells from the self.

In this episode, Dr Fran talks about life as a medical oncologist.


About the guest speaker

Dr Fran Boyle is a medical North Sydney’s Mater Hospital, where she is Director of the Patricia Ritchie Centre for Cancer Care and Research, and Professor of Medical Oncology at the University of Sydney. She is involved in the oncology teaching program of the Sydney Medical School and in communication skills training through the Pam McLean Centre.

Professor Fran’s clinical practice at the Poche Centre focuses on breast cancer and melanoma. Her current research interests include clinical trials of new cancer treatments, psychosocial and supportive care, and communication. Fran chairs the Board of Directors of the ANZ Breast Cancer Trials Group, and is a founding Director of the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance. She was honoured with Membership of the Order of Australia in 2008 for services to cancer research, advocacy, policy development and professional education.

Music credits

Opening and closing themes by Lily Chen.

Partial Chromosome 15 Deletions

Angelman Syndrome

  • Maternal segment of chromosome 15 deleted
  • Angelman because there is no female part
    • Maternal genetic deletion
  • Happy and flappy

Prader-Willi Syndrome

  • Paternal segment of chromosome 15 deleted
  • Prader-Willi is lacking the paternal part
    • Paternal genetic deletion
  • Fat, dumb, weak and infertile


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